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A Life Saver – Playtex Drop-In Bottles and Liners

Sun, Feb 26, 2012

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Are you sick of washing bottles? Are you sick of sterilizing your bottles? Well, so am I! Ever since I found the Playtex Drop-Ins I have saved tons of time. The liners come pre-sterilized. All you have to do is drop one into the bottle, fill it up with milk, twist on the nipple and WAH-LA, you are ready to feed that little munchkin of yours!

The Drop-In bottles and liners come in two sizes, 4oz and 8oz. You can buy the standard nurser liners for less than the Drop-In ones. It’s a much better value. For these liners you need to pull the liner around the edge of the bottle. After I’m done, I  throw out the liner, rinse the bottle, and wash only the nipple. There is no need to really wash the bottle each time you use it unless you want to. The milk doesn’t come into contact with the bottle because of the liner. I do however rinse it and give it a good washing once a day. We don’t want to be too lazy now.

There are two types of bottles, the original or the premium. I like the original bottles way more than the premium ones. Sure the premium ones look nicer, but the plastic cannot withstand heat. Don’t ever put the premium bottles in a bottle warmer, it will melt and warp the plastic. I learned that the hard way. The original bottles are translucent and a little old fashion looking, but hey I’ll pick function over style any day for this kind of stuff. The original bottles can withstand higher heat, can be placed in a bottle warmer, and can be used in a dishwasher.

With all the demands on your time when you’re a mommy, sometimes you got to take some shortcuts.

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