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Arsenic Found in Nature’s One Baby’s Only Toddler Formula

Sun, Feb 26, 2012

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Last week I posted a story on a Dartmouth University study that detected high levels of arsenic in some organic formula that used organic brown rice syrup as its main ingredient. Although no specific brands were mentioned by the study, ABC News has learned that the only two formulas out on the market that contained organic brown rice syrup were Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Toddler Formula and Baby’s Only Organic Soy Toddler Formula made by Nature’s One, Inc.

Organic brown rice syrup is used as a substitute for high-fructose corn syrup which was believed to be better for you and easier on the digestive system. Nature’s One released a statement that, “An independent, third party testing laboratory completed testing on organic brown rice syrup used in formulas produced in 2011. The testing proved there are no safety concerns using the organic brown rice syrup ingredient. Nature’s One® products meet all safety requirements of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

Nature’s One released test results on February 23rd and submitted it to government regulatory agencies, but will not release it to the general public. This is to “protect against inaccurate interpretations”.  They will not be doing a voluntary recall of its products with organic brown rice syrup since they claim it poses no safety concerns. Nature’s One also states that the Dartmouth test did not use a recognize testing method and conflicts with World Health Organization’s standard testing method.

The Dartmouth study did not differentiate between inorganic and organic arsenic. Inorganic arsenic is a metallic element that forms a number of poisonous compounds. Inorganic arsenic is  found in nature at low levels mostly in compounds with oxygen, chlorine, and sulfur. Arsenic in plants and animals combines with carbon and hydrogen is called organic arsenic. Organic arsenic is usually less harmful than inorganic arsenic. Long term exposure to arsenic can cause cancer and developmental issues.

Who should the public believe, the Dartmouth Study or Nature’s One? I find it fishy that Nature’s One would not release their independent test results. If they did, I’m sure there would be independent scientists out there could decipher the scientific and technical jargon for the general public. If there were no safety concerns then why not show us the test results? On the other hand, the Dartmouth study is the only study out there with these conclusions. How much faith should we put on this study and it’s testing methods? This is a he said she said scenario and until a government agency does its own testing, its hard to say that the formulas are unsafe.

Below is special report done by ABC News. What do you think?

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